Blog Post 3

The research is going very well. We now have a sample size of 196 students. Half of the students go to school at the USST in China and the other half are Pace Students.   We asked both samples of students the same set of 22 questions and then derived empirical results from their answers.

Results from my study were that 99% of the US and 90% of the Chinese students in the samples used laptops or tablets. The US results are not shocking however, I was surprised that 90% of Chinese students were using laptops. A majority of Chinese and US students use laptops almost every day. In addition, a majority of Chinese and US students never use desktops.

When looking further, the data shows that when using desktops for academic purposes, both Chinese and US students primarily do homework or email. The data shows that when using laptops for academic purposes, both samples do homework or email. When using laptops/desktops for personal purposes, the digression in use exists in the way student watch movies, videos, and TV.

When asked for a reason why students don’t use laptops in class, a majority responded that they prefer to take notes by hand. Almost 30% of Chinese students do not use laptops because it makes it difficult for them to pay attention to the teacher. While 25% of US students do not use laptops, because the teacher does not allow the use of a laptop in class. When asked how students perceive in class laptop use to contribute to their academic success, Chinese and US students responded most heavily ‘somewhat’. However, more Chinese responded ‘very much’ and more US than Chinese responded ‘not at all’ or ‘very little’.

It has been challenging to acquire the third set of students that I had originally wanted to survey, these are the Pace students who were born and educated in China. I am currently deciding whether or not to pursue these students for my survey. A success of this research has been that I was able to present at the Eastern Economic Conference to a group of my peers and other economists. This was an external professional conference that made me perfect the work I have done thus far in order to present. So far, this experience has been very worthwhile. I feel I have learned a great deal about the successes and challenges of economic research. I also feel I have developed a great mentoring relationship with my faculty advisor.

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