Blog Post #3

These past few months have definitely been a great experience for me. In the beginning, and even a little bit now, I would find myself getting frustrated and discouraged if my experiments weren’t working or I couldn’t get a technique right. There has been a big improvement and I’m thankful to have the experience I am having.

Pipetting seems like it would be such an easy task. However, when pipetting <10 uL substances, there is such a big chance for error. A lot of my experiments have turned for the worst because I left just a drop of substance on the pipette tip by accident. I have greatly improved on my pipetting technique and a few of my experiments have shown great results too! I am currently working on gels showing the effects of PNUTS knockdown on certain EMT markers. My recent experiment with the MiaPaCa2 cell line showed a decrease in the EMT regulator Zeb when PNUTS was knocked down, which is what we were hoping to see!

My project with Dr. Krucher has taught me so many useful techniques that I wouldn’t have access to learning in just a regular classroom. I have even learned so much more about different markers of invasion in cancers and pathways of cancer.

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