Literature Review & Data Collecting

The two tasks that have been developing are the literature review and data collecting information on Police Shootings with the mentally ill. Paper writing is not my forte. After struggling to write a literature review, something I’ve never done before, I was able to complete it. There still need to be edits and additions but I think I did a good job considering the circumstances.

After that was submitted, I worked on some of the information for the database and researched missing parts of information on a data sheet. Through an excel spread sheet I enter different aspects about many officer involved shootings. The hardest cell to fill was the one that determined mental illness. Many articles made no mention of mental illness or had conflicting views. Some would say mentally ill, and others would say intoxicated or sometimes both. I completed as much of the data sheet as I could in the short amount of time and enjoyed that more than writing the literature review. I want to continue working on it and look more extensively without the time crunch.

Through collecting data I was able to see obvious patterns within geographical areas that struggle the most with police involved shootings. Although I recognized that I was not working on the complete data, just 100 cells, many of the incidents occurred in California. This could be simply because the state is so large, but it could also speak to their policing abilities. The victims were also almost entirely male. Determining the race of a victim was not always easy but there was a high volume of minority victims on my sheet, but again I am aware that it is such a small section of the present data so not to make and final judgments based on that alone.

The progress of this research has been slow and steady. I am currently adding more sources to the literature review. My schedule this semester has been harder than I anticipated, but I will still work on the things Professor Arslan has given me to contribute to the research. The experience of data collecting was so far the best part of this research for me. I hope I do more of it.

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