Technology in the Frame of Therapy post 3

The Study right now is moving along slowly but surely.  We have continued our work with coding our current transcriptions. while reviewing our current codes we have decided to clean up our data and consolidate it further. We continue to conduct new interviews and finish transcribing until we reach our number of saturation. Our current number of participants is about 31.

As we continue our work with this qualitative research I recognize how patient one must be with the work. I have learned a lot in the world of coding and in the world of research. Most recently my realization of how much time studies actually take and how patient you must be with yourself and your work is something I am learning.

Author: Sarah Davis

21 year old Psychology undergraduate student class of 2018 at Pace University currently involved in Dr. Leora Trub's mentored lab covering Technology in the Frame of Therapy.

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