Blog Post #1: “The Helpers of the Secret Annex: A Guide for Students”

The title of the project Prof. Hearst and I are working on is, “The Helpers of the Secret Annex: A Guide for Students.” The project aims to help students and teachers have a guide to the four people who helped Anne Frank as she hid from the Nazis during the Holocaust. Our goal is to give students more insight to the helpers and what they did to help those hidden in the Secret Annex. There isn’t much information taught about them while students read Anne’s diary. We want to highlight the sacrifices they made to selflessly help those who were in imminent danger.

As we have been working on this project, I have learned more about the helpers and how to give people more understanding of them. This has also provided more insight into what it was like for people who weren’t being persecuted by Hitler and what it was like to have to choose between being a bystander or stepping in to help those suffering. It has also has given me more experience into in depth research and how to properly go about finding information I need. I wish to be an investigative journalist in the future and this gives me a basis for what I need to learn more about and what to expect as I continue on this path to my career goals.

As we accumulate our research, we are looking into scholarly databases, old interviews, information dedicated to Anne Frank and communicating with workers at the Anne Frank museum. It is an interesting topic to research due to the fact of how little people truly know about the helpers. The helpers never wanted to have the fame and praise for doing what they did, they did it because they knew it was right. Our research shows us those characteristics and that also helps form an idea on who they were as people, giving us more information to help students understand why they did what they did.

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