North Korea in the 21st Century: the United States, China, and South Korea Imbroglio

Merriam-Webster defines an imbroglio as “an intricate or complicated situation” like one you read in a novel. It’s closest synonym would be an embarrassing or confusing scandal. Imbroglio is the perfect word to describe the mess of current affairs surrounding North Korea and its neighbors. In the project I have developed with Professor Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, I will be looking for the information needed to clarify the imbroglio.


Our goal for the project is simply to understand the current North Korean situation as fully as possible. Through an extensive literature review I  will attempt to understand and simplify the North Korean international knowledge. Through the analysis of primary sources, in the form of declassified government documents, Professor Lee and I will assess the status and recent changes on U.S. and Chinese grand strategies, as well as the role of South Korea.

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