I have been thoroughly engaged in a review of the literature on the topic of gender inequality in general and gender inequality in computing. I also created a structured interview guide to use for individual interviews and piloted it by interviewing one of the potential participants. The interview presented a challenge, because the interviewee strayed from the questions posed. I found that interviewing was more difficult than anticipated. After piloting the interview guide, I adjusted the possible research design to a descriptive quantitative study with a potentially large sample and a survey instrument.


I am in the process of finding a survey that has already been validated, but I may have to create my own survey.  One source that I will explore is the Mental Measurements Yearbook, which describes a variety of survey instruments. I have also written an email to contact the president of the Association for Women in Computing (AWC) to see if she might share their membership database from which I may be able to get participants for my study.


The literature review has provided me with a lot of information about the lack of women in computing and informed me about research that has already been done. A lot of the research is not very recent, but I am still finding more literature and have established that gender inequality in computing still persists. I’ve learned a lot over the summer about designing and conducting a study.


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