2017-18 Post#1


The title of my project is “Femininity in Hitchcock’s Films-Male Dominance Questioned”. The title itself is a brief description of the whole purpose of the project, which is to show how the film director Alfred Hitchcock did not always portray men as the dominant gender in his movies. I think that the topic is relevant for the modern day and age because gender equality is a prominent problem currently, and my goal is to explore how Hitchcock, who is usually thought of as a very dominant figure, portrayed women as actually being those who have the upper hand. In addition to that, I also expect to learn how those roles affected the plot of his movies and how they related to his personal views of gender.

The methods I intend to use in my research are watching numerous of his films from different periods of his career, watching documentaries about him, as well as reading books that explore the man as well as his career. In addition, I will also be using scholarly articles that have done research on his films and the topic of gender.

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