The purpose of my research has evolved as I have been extensively reading the literature about gender inequality in computing.  From my literature review, I found a large number of studies were done in the late 1990s, which has made it a challenge to find recent studies. I want to investigate the reasons why so few females study computing and pursue computing careers compared to males. Understanding college students’ perceptions about computing may help me identify strategies to help close the gender gap.

To answer my research questions, I plan to do a descriptive quantitative study by using a survey instrument with Pace’s student population. I’m currently trying to find a survey that has already been validated, but I may be expected to create my own survey. The survey instrument should help me answer my three research questions. The three research questions are the following:

RQ1:  What experiences do students have related to computing?

RQ2:  How do student experiences relate to whether or not

they have pursued a computing major?

RQ3: How does gender relate to students’ interest in pursuing a

computing major?


My advisor, Dr. Feather-Gannon, and I will be collaborating on this research project during this academic year. Dr. Feather-Gannon will be providing guidance so that I can map the survey questions to my three research questions. We meet every two weeks via Skype or in person to work on the research project.

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