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Professor Daly and I will be researching and analyzing China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. OBOR aims to connect the Eurasian landmass and Africa with a vast logistics and transport network –employing roads, ports, rail, and pipelines, and transnational electric grids to spur modernization. In total, the OBOR nations account for one-third of global GDP and 60% of the world’s population.

We hope our research will lead to a paper for publication; perhaps a book.  The OBOR initiative will become more of a topic of popular consumption as it reshapes Eurasia and Africa. Professor Daly plans to build a series of infographic databases via Tableau to help bring the research to the public.

I plan to achieve a better understanding of the economic impact OBOR will have on the emerging African and Eurasian markets in the future. I am gathering more information from primary source articles to learn as much as possible about one of the most important economic initiatives of the early 21st century.

We plan on learning how the initiative will shape eastern emerging countries; from cataloging important milestones and tracking 90 Billion dollars in loans currently extended to OBOR countries. By looking at China’s four biggest state owned banks we can look at what the loans will fund and analyze future projections for the project.

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