Active Study- Second Blog Post

Since the last update, along with continued development with the app, I have begun outreach to organizations in my field of research, and have begun working with them to gain more knowledge on the learning styles of these children, and how I can fine tune my application to more appropriately fit their needs. By talking with professionals who work alongside these children, I can gain more insight on how these children learn, from those who do so for a living.
Tech Kids Unlimited is an organization based out of NYC that provides workshops throughout the year for children that have learning disabilities and/or are on the autism spectrum. Recently, I have begun meeting with their founder, Beth Rosenberg, who has provided valuable feedback on the application, as well as given me an outlet to observe their students during their workshops. In the time I have spent in these workshops, I have already learned a great deal, and cannot wait to become more involved, which will not only allow me the ability to continue my research, but in conjunction, play my part in volunteering and assisting these children in any way I can. I believe given the ability to volunteer while I am researching is a great opportunity, and will allow me to make sure all time spent on this project is spend helping out this community; I started this project to play a part in improving these children’s lives, and this has showed me that even just being there to help them from time to time is immensely valuable to their growth.
In the coming months, I am planning to continue my work with TKU, In hopes to obtain a better personal understanding of these student’s learning styles. By understanding this, i will be able to better fine tune and expand my application in the future. I will also be submitting my app into the Spark for Autism Contest run by Seidenberg at the end of January, at which point I will have a completed prototype. From there, I will continue improving and updating the app, using knowledge I have learned while being with the children, as well as any feedback I receive from professionals. I will continue to reach out to anyone who might be able to provide me with insight, in hopes to have my application viewed by as many as possible, and get a variety of different opinions on future improvements. I am working hard to keep my scope manageable and realistic, and set deadlines and goals to keep me focused on production.

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