Throughout the research, I have been using a literature search to gather and review articles based on gender inequality in computing. As mentioned in the previous blog, my focus is to gain a better understanding of this issue through the literature. The purpose of the research is to investigate the possible reasons why so few females study computing and pursue computing careers compared to males. In addition, understanding college students’ perceptions about computing may help me identify strategies to help close the gender gap.

In my search for literature related to my topic, I found a research article that provides survey questions that might be adapted for my research study. I plan to finalize the survey and distribute it to undergraduate Seidenberg students. My advisor, Dr. Feather-Gannon, said I will need to contact the author of the article to seek permission to adapt her survey questions. At the same time, I am learning how to use Qualtrics, the online survey tool available to all Pace faculty and students. By mapping the survey questions to my research questions, I should be able to answer the following:

RQ1: What experiences do students have related to computing?

RQ2: How do student experiences relate to whether or not they are pursueing a computing


RQ3: How does gender relate to students’ interests in pursuing a computing major?

My advisor, Dr. Feather-Gannon, and I has been collaborating on this research project since the beginning of this semester. Dr. Feather-Gannon will be providing guidance and suggestions so that my survey questions help to answer the three research questions. We have our meetings every week via Skype or in person to discuss the future strategies for completing the research project

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