Blog 2

            One major milestone that was made by Dr. Greenberg and myself thus far in our research study involves obtaining PACE IRB approval for phase one of our study, which is in regard to caregivers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our next step is trying to recruit staff from various agencies to participate in our study. Our main methods of staff outreach include posting flyers through-out the agency as well as on the agency intranet or website, and a master email with the attach flyer to the staff. So far, we have garnered interest from participants from two separate facilities. Our ideal sample size would be around 60 individuals, so I am excited and hopeful that we will our goal.

Currently, Dr. Greenberg and I are still revising the second part of the IRB to receive full approval and be able continue with phase two of our study. The population of phase two of our study focuses solely on the consumers. Some of the more challenging modifications that we are working to address include determining how competency can be proven to obtain consent by consumers, and what the decision-making process will be to determine for someone to be eligible to give consent.

Our research poster was accepted for presentation at the Eastern Nursing Research Conference (ENRS), so I will be presenting our research in April 2018. The deadline to submit our poster to ENRS is February 21st, which means that our data analysis must be completed by early February.  Ultimately, this gives us about 6 weeks to get everything together. I am eager to see what results our study yields, as I can personally attest to the stress relieving effect that lavender essential oil has.

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