Blog Post 2

Professor Sean Daly and I have done research on multiple production and Industrial companies from across the Asian market which would benefit from the implementation of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. We are looking at the correlation between the companies to find if they have same pattern returns. If we can prove correlation between these companies it would lead to a benchmark to track and project future growth in China.

Currently, We are sorting through different international financial analyst reports on China’s largest environmental emissions protection company Lonking. The Company owns manufacturing plants in nine different cities in China and works directly with the Chinese Government in fund efforts for the initiative. Professor Daly has had trouble finding proprietary data on China’s bank loans, which has led to a missing piece in our research. He met with a machine-learning expert in the city to find out more information about China’s effort to mine and use crypto-currencies for funding. We need to find more data on how President Xi Jinping is funding the OBOR initiative and how it will affect the western world.

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