Dec 11th Post

    During the time since the last post I have spent the majority of the time constructing my survey. Recently, the survey has been completed and submitted to the IRB for further review. The survey ended up having four sections of questions, which were derived from the preliminary survey. The first section asking for the participant to list the profanity they know, then to list the profanity they use. The second section aims to examine the general comfortability of the taker based on social environments. The third uses the slider function on qualtrics to have the participant gauge how offensive they perceive specific sentences uttered by a speaker. The last section is for demographics, which will include age, gender, race, education and sexual orientation. Hopefully, I will receive word back from the IRB soon in order to begin my data collection.

   In the recent months, I’ve been tweaking my survey to what it is today. As well as, learning more about qualtrics and how to craft a survey. I am proud of funneling my ideas into a comprehensive survey that I feel like will yield a baseline understanding of the participants relationship to swearing. The survey has become less about personal usage and more about the participants perception of swearing itself based on social factors. I think this current survey, will be efficient and able to accrue interesting data. Mostly during the last month I have learned how to better craft and implement a survey to some articles provided by di Gennaro and a closer review of other articles. I believe learning more about how to create a survey, has helped me to streamline my ideas to what they are now. Also, I have continued my literature review, just not to the extent of earlier in the semester, however I am planning to pick it up more in-depth during the winter break. I am also starting an annotated bibliography for Professor di Gennaro and I for the upcoming analysis of the results. Once I have the IRB’s approval I will begin blasting out the link to my students in my major and on my social media accounts. Through this I hope my demographics are more diverse than the limited demographics of what most articles have previously done.

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