How Recollections of Positive and Negative Support Provision Experiences Influence Goal Motivation – The Next Steps

Rachel Platko
Undergraduate Student & Faculty Research Program – Blog #2

Working as a research assistant for the past three months has taught me a great deal about how psychology studies are conducted in the lab. The study I am currently assisting Dr. Gosnell with is titled “How Recollections of Positive and Negative Support Provision Experiences Influence Goal Motivation”. It is a rewarding feeling knowing that what I am doing may provide a new finding on this topic that may be applied to people in their everyday lives. I know this study will add to the body of knowledge regarding experience and goal motivation. This study has the potential to be exceptionally beneficial. While running the studies, usually four days a week, I became extremely eager to review the collected data.

Now that all the studies have been completed and the data has been collected, the next step is to code the data. I am going to examine all of the responses from the study participants and collate the responses. I will note different variables that I want to examine further within their responses. There were different parts to this study including listing semester-length goals, responding to questions, writing about personal experiences, and answering scale survey questions. After the coding of this data is completed, the next step is to analyze and report the findings. It would be gratifying if the results supported the hypothesis that providing positive support or even recalling a time when one provided positive support for someone’s positive has an effect on the supporter in their own life and goal motivation. Overall, the study was ran smoothly and I am eager to advance into the next steps leading to the end results!

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