Mid-Year Research Update

For the past months, I have attempted to collect data for my research study. Collecting data was not fairly simple, because it was a retrospective approach to collecting data, meaning that I didn’t get to follow a step by step protocol in order to get preliminary results. It took some time trying to digest all the research papers available on my topic of interest and if any data would be able to provide me with feasible information on genes correlated to C.elegans and Glioblastoma multiforme.

I was able to successfully screen over 30+ human GBM linked genes to see if they were orthologous to C.elegans. I successfully found 10 possible C.elegans genes that could be correlated to GBM in humans. I was able to do this with the help of two high-density genome platforms called Ensembl and Ortholist. It is satisfying to know that I was able to retrieve a few, but significant number of genes, although I feel that I need to look for more genes, and perform more screens on more potential GBM human genes.  This will requite me to look through another vast number of papers which I am willing to do. This must be done, before any RNAi experiments can be performed to knock out any desired genes.


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