The Effects of Positive and Negative Event Support Provision on Self-Control, Persistence, and Goal Pursuit Blog #2

Throughout this semester we have researched in depth similar studies in order to finalize our measures. We’ve been researching different dependent measure options, as well as different conversation options for participants. Since our participants will be having a conversation with each other we have researched different topics for them to discuss. I looked through previous measures such as self-esteem measures to determine what measures might be helpful to use during our survey part of the study.

As we approach next semester, we are still working on finalizing all of our documents for the study. These past couple of months I learned how to construct an IRB and what type of information goes into each section. These sections include, purpose of the study, characteristics of research participants, method of participant selection, methods and procedures applied to human subjects, risk to the subject, benefits, risk-benefit analysis, information intentionally withheld, informed consent, confidentiality, analysis of data, drugs used in the study, qualifications and experience of investigators and any personnel who will interact with subjects, and collaboration with other institutions or sponsors. The IRB is almost completely finished and ready to be submitted for review. Once everything is approved we will start having participants sign up so that they can come into the lab and complete the study. We are aiming to start collecting data at the end of January or beginning of February.

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