Undergraduate Research Blog Post #2

So far, I have continued reading more articles I hope will prove to be helpful for summarizing my overall research in the spring. I first began by reading from a primary list of references and an annotated bibliography Professor di Gennaro gave me over the summer. These branched out to include the sources other authors were citing in their texts. Some researchers were mainly focused on citations, while other researchers had a focus of academic dishonesty. My goal isn’t so much to investigate academic dishonesty as it is to investigate citations and how accusations of academic dishonesty may exist within. I figure the two are worth studying together, so long as the information adheres to my research questions and helps further my study.

Creating the survey took several rounds of editing and distribution among my research “squad,” and it was as polished as it was going to get when we sent it off.  Professor di Gennaro and I submitted our application to the IRB three weeks ago and we’re still waiting. “Patience pays,” she reassured me. Being patient is the hardest part, because I want to collect as much data as possible. The way things are going I almost feel as though I’m behind but I know everything else is going at the pace it’s supposed to. I don’t want January to come around and not hear anything back, because then I’ll be scrambling to complete all the other processes.

As I read more studies, I find myself starting to notice how each researcher’s findings inform the studies of others. There’s a conversational element because so many researchers produce points that piggyback off of each other. I can read an article and immediately know who is being referenced because I’ve read them before. There is still a lot to take in, but I feel as though I have clarity in terms of what I’m trying to investigate even if I can’t distribute my survey yet.

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