2017-2018 Undergraduate Research: Blog Post #3


Dr. Tekula and I were excited to welcome a new member to our research team, Dr. Anna Shostya, Professor of Economics here at the Pace NYC Campus. Dr. Shostya has brought an incredibly valuable amount of insight and economic perspective to our research. Together, we have identified multiple economic, agricultural, and global policy journals we are preparing our paper to be submitted to (with high hopes of a publication!)

I am learning that it is the small steps that matter most- which there have been plenty of for this project- and how important it is to not get discouraged by minor setbacks over the course of a long-term project. The most difficult challenge I have encountered so far is compiling all the data into one file and cleaning it. This is especially difficult considering we are pulling data from different sources, such as The World Bank, The United Nations Development Program, and Commodity Systems Incorporated. I also had to transpose the data and arrange it in a very specific layout in order to successfully upload it into Stata. I am thrilled that we have been using Stata so heavily for this project, as I have previously gained beginner working knowledge on the program from multiple economics courses. This current research project has allowed me to advance my analysis skills and become more comfortable with the technical application side of the program.

Dr. Tekula, Dr. Shostya, and I have been busy working on finalizing our results, creating a full-length paper, and preparing for the upcoming Research Day Poster Session on May 4th.

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