Blog 3

At this point in our research study, Dr. Greenberg and I are waiting for our participants to complete the study. We have obtained consent and administered our pre-intervention surveys. After they completed the pre-intervention testing, the participants were given an inhaler containing lavender essential oil to use through-out the week for four weeks. Currently, all of the participants are in their fourth week of the intervention. Once everyone completes their four weeks of aromatherapy intervention, the participants will then go back and complete the same pre-intervention testing. After this has been completed, I will analyze the data to see if there are any deviations from the answers given pre-intervention.

One of the most difficult challenges that I came across was getting participants to sign up. Dr. Greenberg and I utilized various means of recruitment, such as social media, email, flyers, and agency website announcements. Often times, individuals would reach out to us and express interest in the study, but then we would never hear back from them.

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