How Recollections of Positive and Negative Support Provision Experiences Influence Goal Motivation

Rachel Platko
March 19, 2018
Blog #3

In my previous blog I reported that all the studies were completed and the next step was to code the data. That is still the current stage I am at in the research project. My faculty leader Dr. Gosnell, other research assistants, and I have collected an amplitude of data from the study which is great for our results, however analyzing this data will take time. As I get started on this point of the research project I am more anxious to find out the overall results and conclusions our data will bring us to. In order to begin working with the data I had to get use to the SPSS program which I have never used before. This program provides advanced statistical analysis. I believe knowing how to use this program now will put me at an advantage for future courses and in the psychology field as a whole.
Something I have learned from this experience so far is how much time, people, and effort goes into each psychology research study. There is much work that is put into these studies, however the results help humans on a daily basis. Results from studies such as this one which is focusing on positive event support has the ability to teach us new ways in which we can motivate ourselves to reach personal goals. Psychology surrounds us in every aspect which is why I am a profound respect for this area and I am proud to be helping with this project!

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