Post #3

Since my last post, things have been somewhat slow in the research lab. We are aiming to conduct experiments on male worms. To obtain male worms of the correct mutant strain. First, we have to conduct RNAi on wild-type worms. Once these worms have successfully grown into their L4 stage we pick them off and place them on a separate plate which we then place in an incubator which is ~5 degrees Celsius higher than their optimal growth temperature. This is called heat shocking. The reason we do this is that under increased temperatures, the worms experience reproductive stress which is supposed to give a higher yield of male worms, which at standard temperatures occur only 0.1% of the time by spontaneous non-disjunction. After the worms are in the intense heat for about 6 hours we then transfer them back to the standard temperature and await their reproductive cycles completion. After 2 days we then check the plates every few hours for 2-3 days in hopes of finding male worms. So far we have been unsuccessful and so we will continue to repeat these steps until we find males so that we can proceed with more experiments.

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