Psychosocial Benefits to Marching Arts Programs Blog #3 – Good News

Following up on my previous post, I have been writing up my results into a formal paper for publication. I have simultaneously been applying/interviewing with graduate schools. This has been particularly challenging but rewarding. I have found that my project has been a great talking point with the programs I have been interviewing with. The school that I have been admitted to and have decided to pursue, George Mason University, wants to help me to elevate and continue my line of research in the marching arts.

Also following up on my previous post, my project has been accepted as a poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention. I have also been accepted to compete in a project oral presentation competition for Division 10, psychology of aesthetic and the arts. Being accepted to present and compete is a huge honor and I am extremely honored for the opportunity.

While I am excited for the opportunity to present, I am nervous about it coming to fruition. Frankly, I am having trouble affording the costs to attend. I may have to withdraw from the competition and send in an absentee poster. I have been looking into attempting to get travel funds. There is a lot of difficulty in that the conference is after my official graduation date. While the poster, the research, and my project are all sponsored and attributed to Pace, this technicality makes me ineligible for a lot of the travel expense aid that Pace provides.

If anyone out there has any advice, please reach out…

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