UG Blog Post #3

Describe and reflect on your progress so far.

So far into the research process, I feel behind. I definitely believe I should have a lot more completed based on the requirements and the timeline, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about it- I’m a university student, after all, and sometimes time doesn’t allow us to complete everything we want to all the time. I do, however, feel confident in my ability to complete the project on time. I have also found that the library has been very helpful in some instances, and I have found myself growing very confident in the use of online databases and distinguishing the articles that will have the most relevance to exactly what I’m studying.

Explain any challenges and/or successes you have experienced with this project.

I’ve had a few great challenges while undergoing the research process- I have had a hard time finding literature on my topic, despite hours of scouring databases. And then, of course, once I find something that might help, it’s either unattainable even with library support or I’m only able to receive previews. But, these still have a good amount of information. I have also had to struggle through the topic being immensely personal to myself, and coming across and working through triggering material has been another major setback for my research process. However, these moments remind me exactly why I’m working so hard.

Describe what you have learned from the project so far.

I’ve learned a great deal about the social standing of issues surrounding transgender students in college. There is a severe lack of research done on the topic, suggesting a lack of concern for the community at large. I am making a generalization here, but I feel it is true. There are only mentions of a few universities across the board in regards to implementation of policies and their impact on students. There is a lot of discussion surrounding mental health, so it is known that transgender students are at higher mental health risk, but there’s a lack of suggestion on how to assist students through this via university policy. I’ve learned there’s a whole lot of work to be done on this issue, and I’m eager to start seeing some changes.


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