UGR Post #3

I’ve made a great deal of progress with my citations project in the past few months. It seemed as though I’d waited aeons to get approval from the IRB. After obtaining approval at the end of December, Professor di Gennaro and I decided to wait until the beginning of this semester to distribute our surveys. As far as data collection goes, I pulled together every resource I had and even scoped out people individually to take the survey. I was hungry for data. I got excited when we were first approaching the one hundred response mark—I began to feel like an actual researcher. Currently there are 135 responses and I I haven’t looked at any responses and I’ve refrained from doing so before because I don’t want to mess anything up. I’m under the impression (albeit unrealistically) that with one wrong click everything will disappear.

A few weeks ago,  I made a Google Slides doc with information including our methods for the study, what other authors were saying, and where any gaps in the research may occur. Where the researchers leave off is where I take over and insert my own motivations. I initially struggled to make the slides and do the literature summary because I’ve read so many texts and they all have the tendency to sit as a jumble in my mind, similar in nature to a ball of rubber bands. Although it seemed  everyone was saying the same things,  I was able to draw connections a bit more easily because there was cohesion. Professor di Gennaro recommended that I make a chart with all the main researchers’ points so I can visually digest the information. This helped A LOT. As a senior I’m getting to the point in the semester where it’s hard to balance so much, so any way to make my research feel less strenuous is ideal. This project has taught me time management and patience are key.

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