Empowerment in Action: An Analysis on Effective Employee Empowerment in a Corporate Environment


As the title suggests, I will be conducting research on employee empowerment and strong leadership styles. This analysis will further provide insight into how empowerment techniques in a corporate space will enable employees to increase productivity, which in turn, alters the overall atmosphere of the company’s culture. Throughout this research, I hope to identify the methods and strategies used by corporate figures to enhance the employee experience. By analyzing these leadership styles, I aspire to understand which approach is ideal for a corporate culture and how it can be implemented in diverse offices. This will provide an in-depth insight into how typical leadership and managerial styles influences intersectional employees.

My goal is to be able to identify how most folks would like to be led, while also analyzing the contrast of how folks have been led in the past. I hope that this correlation will provide information on which leadership style has the most positive impact on employees. I also hope to garner knowledge on whether or not that leadership increases productivity and staff socialization. A primary objective is to take the analysis on leadership and continue to present it at conferences in the next year. Leadership and management have always been important to me. Working as a Resident Assistant, Orientation Leader and a plethora of other on-campus jobs have taught me the true essence of leadership and how its implementation can truly alter how staff members work with one another and how much they are able to achieve as a unit.

In terms of my methodology, I plan to do a lot of literary research. I have recently checked out literary works from the New York Public Library to understand leadership more in-depth. I am currently reading Creating Magic and Creative Confidence, by Lee Cockerell and David Kelley, respectively. Upon doing this research, I hope to gain primary insight by administering surveys to a plethora of individuals regarding leadership styles. I also aspire to set up interviews with corporate officials in order to gain a further understanding of leadership. Being an active member in the student affairs community, I am confident that I will be able to connect with a plethora of individuals who have insight on managing leaders and creating an environment for leaders to develop their full potential.

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