The beginning of “A Comprehensive Guide to Volunteerism in Westchester County”

The title of my project is “A Comprehensive Guide to Volunteerism in Westchester County.” The purpose of this project is to provide a guide to “Volunteer! New York” to find ways to improve New York State’s standing within the Corporation for National Service rankings. The goal of this research is to find approximately how many volunteers there are in Westchester County, how many hours they are volunteering, provide recommendations of what volunteer managers in Westchester County need to improve their services, and use the data collected to provide recommendations on ways Westchester County can improve and promote volunteerism. The methods that will be used to answer our research questions include a survey and qualitative interviews with select figures in the county.

I hope to learn how exactly we can improve volunteerism in Westchester County. Being a member of the Pace community, one that is so focused on volunteering and giving back, it can be easy to stay in this bubble and think that the rest of the world around me feels the same way. However, taking a step back, we can quickly see that that is not the case and that not everyone feels as passionate about volunteering as Pace students do. I don’t believe that there are enough people looking into volunteerism in New York from the angle that we are, so I hope that this project has a large impact — preferably one that will move New York State from 49th out of 51 in the ranks of volunteerism.

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