Blog #1 “More Than a Footnote- Kuno van der Horst’s Anne Frank Connection.”

The title of the project Prof. Hearst and I are working on is, “More Than a Footnote- Kuno van der Horst’s Anne Frank Connection.” This project aims to shed light on Kuno van der Horst and his wife Hendrika and what they went through during this time, but also their unknown connection to the helpers and Anne Frank. Through this information, we want to shed light on the different experiences that happened during World War II and simple unknown ways these people helped others during the war. To spread the story of Kuno and what he went through and the things that happened in Holland during the war will hopefully shed more light on the struggles of the everyday people.

Kuno’s family contacted Prof. Hearst and have given us more information on Kuno and Hendrika to share with our research. This is a continuation of our research from last summer and with that, we have past research, but also the ability to contact the family and gain more information. This will help expand the information since there is very little information online. We have this special source to spur us on with our research and any questions we have. This also gives us a more personal look into their lives and the lives of people who lived through that time.

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