Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption Patterns in (Low Income) Children

The focus of my project is centered around the issue of childhood obesity.  I have chosen to hone in one specific factor, sugar-sweetened beverage(s) (SSB(s)). The purpose of this project is to conduct a review of the literature regarding SSBs and childhood consumption and use this information to study its relationship. As I conduct this research, I hope to collect a well organized identify common patterns in consumption, consequences related to overconsumption, as well as ways to help combat the issue of SSB consumption in children. I chose this specific subject because although obesity in children has been on a decline, the numbers are relatively still high. I was introduced to this topic by Dr. Northrup and after gaining some insight on it, I felt that it was an interesting and relevant issue that needs more available information.

Within the past month, Dr. Northrup and I have collected and reviewed multiple research articles. I began my search by familiarizing myself with the scope of the problem. Articles evaluated included obesity trends from the past 26 years, beverage consumption patterns from the past 11 years for individuals ages 2-60 years. The effects of SSBs on the health of children, intervention program, and legislation, as well as the incidence of obesity and SSBs ingestion amongst lower income children. In the next month, I plan to refine my research in order to have more specific research question will help to expand my knowledge on that specific area.

The next steps in this project include continuing the search and collection of articles related to my topic via the Pace library database, Google Scholar, etc. I plan to create a more focused library of articles directly related to a particular aspect related to the topic of SSB consumption and childhood obesity. With this said, in the next few weeks I will also begin to formulate my written literature review with my professor. I am currently working on producing the introduction section of my review of the literature collected.

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