Childhood Obesity, SSB Consumption, and Interventions – Blog Post 2

Throughout the month of July, Dr. Northup and I have made tremendous progress in our research. In the last post, we had just begun the quest for articles related to the overarching topic of childhood obesity and SSB consumption. Since then, I am still doing a literature review and we have compiled a solid list of valuable articles. Two major question posed during the project was, “What should the main focus be? What direction do we want to go in, in terms of how to set up the paper?”. We chose to focus on, interventions related to decreasing SSB consumption. We felt this was a relevant topic because, throughout the course of the July, we have read several articles and decided an analysis of the available interventions addressing the success and failure of them was something new to include in the current literature. Once we figured out the direction, we continued working hard to make progress in writing and editing.

What I have read in the literature so far has been quite interesting Things such as the frequency of SSB consumption in individuals 2-5 year of age was unbelievable to me. These drinks contribute to a large portion of the daily caloric intake in these children and are linked to several potential long-term illnesses as they get older. They have no other health benefits aside from providing a source of energy for these kids. I believe this is definitely an important topic to research and gain knowledge about because children do not have a voice for themselves at young ages, so it is vital to do all that one can to provide them with great health.

It is common knowledge that “childhood obesity” is an issue and it has been heavily studied over the years which is great because there has been great progress with the research. But with this said, it was overwhelming seeing the large amount of articles available to use. It was definitely difficult finding the proper articles to use, especially when there was not a specific area of focus. I am grateful to Dr. Northrup who provided me with, as well as helped me locate articles. She has guided me on how to find other articles that best correlated to the topic. I am thrilled that we have gotten the ball rolling and have a direction for the project. I have already begun writing the literature review and there has been great progress on that.

I have learned so much from this project. Before doing this, I had done some research in my courses but never did anything this extensive. I have gotten a feel of how the research process works. Nothing written is ever permanent, there is always something new added or removed. It is also very important to remain organized, especially when looking at as many articles as we have and making sure to have the important ones saved somewhere where they are easily accessible. I have also become more educated on the topics of SSB consumption, obesity in children, and more recently, intervention to intervene in the ingestion of SSBs in children. This project has helped me to develop my research and knowledge on an important issue.

Dr. Northup and I plan on continuing this research into the academic year as there is still much to look at. This project has opened my eyes to a major culprit in the occurrence of obesity in children. I am excited to continue the process.

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