Determining the Gene Expression of Latent BCG in infected Caenorhabditis elegant

Throughout this summer have spent a lot of time learning about both BCG and C.elegans. Going into this I had already known that both organisms were studied to grow on different food sources, which provided a bigger challenge than I have ever expected. Data I have collected demonstrated that C. elegans had preferred to eat E. coli over BCG.  After some future studies, I would like to distinguish if this is a marker to state BCG as toxic to the worms.

With the help of professors at Pace University, I was able to make the agar of the plates that we ran our experiments on.  We were able to combine the food sources of both organisms in order to make the agar. BCG is usually raised in a 7H9 rich media, while C. elegans is more cholesterol based.  We have found a media that may allow both to live, but I will need to perform further tests in order to be more certain about this statement.

Working out the logistics has been a major goal with starting up this project during this summer.  Research thus far has shown that I need to be very patient with deal with the bacteria because at times it tends to behave erratically.  Research has also allowed me to grasp a more in depth foundation for both organisms.  Therefore, the grant gave me the opportunity to adjust my approach for the future and prepare me for the next three years of undergraduate research.

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