Reflection: Final Report

The past few weeks I followed classical and contemporary music to study its effects on my daily life. I dove into romantic era composer Frédéric Chopin and the influence of his Polonaise that not only musically stimulated my thoughts and encouragement, but as well as the history of Chopin and his morals behind the music. I also looked towards contemporary music of different genres and followed it messages and their responses on society versus my responses. College students have stress follow them everywhere they go of being away from home, school work, or living on their own, there needs to be a time to relax and calm down. There can be a set time before lectures or exams of relaxation and meditation to classical music to help ease students, and help their mind focus on the task they are about to perform. As well as during “common hour”, a time most students are out of class and it is their time to recollect themselves and continue with their day. With this gap in the day, it can be used to place certain classical pieces to stimulate motivation and relaxation to help relieve some of the many pressures students carry along with them aside from their lunches and books. During my studying periods before classes or on my free time, I would listen to classical music to help me focus on my work but subconsciously make me work more efficiently and faster. It puts me in a “Zen” like mood as if nothing can hinder my flow of work until it is completed and is my best, and I feel it carried me to where I am today. I wish to share my experience and success with fellow students to prove to them that classical music isn’t outdated or pointless but can help improve and motivate in any task. Students have so much potential that could be masked and hindered by stress, and yet classical music can be a key to open that door and have their studies and focus shifted to prosper in school and in daily life.

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