Assessing the Impact of the “Twitter President” on the Record of History Made by the Presidential Records Act

The working title of my research project is “Assessing the Impact of the “Twitter President” on the Record of History Made by the Presidential Records Act.” The goal of Professor Magaldi and my’s research is to understand how President Trump’s use of Twitter through his control of two seperate accounts during his presidency has been affected by the existing Presidential Records Act. The most important question I hope for this research to provide an answer to, is whether the Presidential Records Act, in its current form, provides enough structure to moderate presidential use of social media. Determining the ways in which the Presidential Records Act does not reflect the presidential modes of communication during the social media age provides a basis for understanding how the Presidential Records Act can be amended to be comprehensive of the mediums the Presidents may use. The end goal of this research, outside of presenting at the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business Conference in Chicago in March 2019, would be to have a comprehensive examination of the Presidential Records Act and President Trump’s Twitter usage as a means of encouraging congress to take action towards either amending the Presidential Records Act to capture presidential social media accounts or creating new legislature that moderates and records the President’s online content.

I will be conducting a significant amount of research on the Presidential Records Act and how it came to be in its current form. I will also be looking into the way past presidents have utilized different media forms as a means of communicating with the public. Understanding how past presidents have used media to communicate will provide a better understanding of what makes social media different than past mediums. I will also be looking specifically at presidential use of Twitter. Although that will only include President Obama, understanding how he formatted his Twitter use will provide a standard for which to compare to how President Trump uses Twitter. Through conducting research on these different elements of the Presidential Records Act, past media use, and a comparison of presidential media will provide the basis for understanding whether the PRA is adequate as social media has become a major communications medium. I plan to conduct a significant amount of literary research to understand how the Presidential Records Act and social media are already viewed in relation to one another. Given that this subject is fairly new, I understand that a lot of my sources will need to paint a larger picture as opposed to being directly related to my research. My hope is that through examining enough sources, I will have a strong understanding of whether President Trump’s use of Twitter warrants stronger legislature surrounding Presidential use of social media.

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