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Synopsis 1

The title of my research project is The Impact of Aesthetic and Kinesthetic Strategies on Academic and Attitudinal Improvement: Engaging Young Students for Pedagogical Success. If aesthetic and kinesthetic strategies are implemented as transitions in the first-grade classrooms before standard work, these activities will increase task-based behavior, focus, attitude and academic achievement.

The participants will be two classes of first-grade students from Spruce Street Elementary School in Downtown Manhattan. One class will be a control group in which they will receive additional kinesthetic and aesthetic interventions. The other class will be the independent group who not will receive the kinesthetic and aesthetic interventions multiple times a week. The interventions that will be used will be commercially available songs with videos ex., Brain Pop or Go Noodle.  Using a pre-post research design based upon the Leuven Involvement Scale for Young Children developed by Prof. Ferre Laevers at Leuvan, Brussels, the students will be initially pre-assessed by the researchers who will observe the students’ participating in their “brain breaks” and then observe them as they are seated to complete assigned text-based tasks. Researchers will rate the participants and assess their engagement/involvement on a one-five scale using on the text-based assigned task and use video recordings to re-evaluate. At the completion of the multi-month intervention period, the students will be observed and reassessed based on their completion of a similarly assigned text-based task.  All students will have signed permission slips from their parents or guardians.

Because I am going to school to become a teacher, this research is in hopes of direct application. I am hoping to find that these breaks really do help emotionally and academically and if they do it is something that I will implement student teaching and when I become a teacher. I am also hoping that this research can help teachers and administrators realize that taking away physical activity in order to have more learning time is not beneficial and is actually detrimental to student’s academic success.

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