Blog #1: She Will Lead: Best Practices in Undergraduate Women’s Leadership Programs

“She Will Lead: Best Practices in Undergraduate Women’s Leadership Programs” will analyze research on undergraduate leadership programs (especially those for women) and identify best practices implemented at colleges and universities across the country. This project has the potential to transform and strengthen women’s leadership programs and increase funding for them at higher education institutions throughout the country. This information can be used in the development, design, and restructuring of leadership programs which would potentially impact the thousands of young women who participate in such programs in universities nationally.

I want to be able to work on Pace’s Women Leadership Initiative (WLI) to improve the program and to provide its members with as much professional development as possible and the tools necessary for success. I want to carry out this research to impact other women just as much as this program has impacted and helped me. It allowed me to develop my own sense of leadership as well as believing myself to be a leader. Researching and comparing similar programs offered nationally can make our program one of the strongest.

I come from the Dominican Republic where gender roles are followed very strictly. I would like to make an impact on other women’s lives and believe that a strong leadership program for female and female-identified college students is one way to make that impact.

In terms of methods, Dr. Zaslow and I will conduct research on undergraduate women’s leadership programs, create a list of existing programs, contact each program to gather information on their best practices, and draft a list of recommendations for programming based on the findings of the research. We are looking forward to presenting our findings at a conference as well as publishing them. We will also use the findings to improve and seek funding for the current WLI at Pace

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