Effect of infection of M. avium on C. elegans Blog #1

The title of my project is Mutations in DAF-2 pathway affect the immune response in C. elegans when infected with M. avium. Caenorhabditis elegans is a model organism for studying infection with Mycobacterium avium due to the worm’s transparent, streamlined body as well as the similarities between its immune response to that of humans due to similar epithelial intestinal cells. The purpose of my research is to study the immune response in C. elegans from infection with M. avium. The DAF-2 pathway is involved in both immune response and aging. Worms genetically engineered to not produce the proteins involved in the DAF-2 pathway will be created and infected with the bacteria to study exactly how these proteins protect the worm from infection. The results from this research will give helpful insights to how homologous proteins in humans work to protect the body from M. avium infection.

What I hope to take away from this project is a better understanding of the research process and how to balance between academic work and personal work. I am passionate about performing research and I’m extremely excited to produce data from an experiment completely created by myself and to be able to showcase this data to the scientific community.

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