Blog 3: Voting Behavior Amongst Young Adults: An Analysis of Youth Nonvoters and how Behavioral Economic Concepts can be Applied to Increase Young Voter Turnout.

My research about young voter behavior is almost complete. I am still revising my paper, with the help of my faculty mentor, and I am about to start working on a presentation. Revising is easier said than done because of the constant changing parts and my lack of proper grammar skills. For example, in November there was the midterm Congressional election. Since my paper is heavily focused on voting behavior, I had to analyze the young voter turnout of this election and include it in my paper. In addition to that, when meeting with my faculty mentor, I realized I missed a test that I had to perform to make sure my data is correct. Once I performed this data check, I realized that there was something wrong with my data. However, with my mentor’s assistance, I fixed the problem. Since I found this out, I have to edit the results of my research and explain why this happened in the first place.

As my research progressed, I see a lot more responsibility on my end to polish my research paper. This is not like an ordinary paper where I can just hand in and be done with it because my research is an ongoing project. I have learned that data collection, analyzing data, and revising are difficult but necessary. I have also learned that my research does not have to be groundbreaking to be important. My research explains only a small percentage of reasons why young adults vote or not but still is imperative to analyze.

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