Blog Post #2: Challenges

Trials and tribulations are the current status of the project. We have been working with teachers from Spruce Street, that were originally on board, but then dropped out before we began, just when things got serious. Our first rode block was the principal because although she ended up being ok with it, had a very rough time responding and getting back to us. This long and arduous road of tons of emails and in-person visits, seemed to be a success when the principals said yes but when that tedious process was repeated with the teachers, they changed their answers and declined. At this point, we changed our perspective to do any grade K-3 teachers from Spruce Street when it was originally designed for 2ndgrade. Since the principal has not been answering, we reached out to her secretary and are in limbo with that.

In the meantime, we are coming up with an alternate plan to maybe just play this as a case study that turns into a qualitative more than a quantitative study because we will ask teachers a series of questions based on a pre-designed study about their feelings and results towards kinesthetic interventions. We considered doing a meta-analysis but it seems there is a lack of time for that. We are either heading in the direction of a Tribeca school my faculty leader may have contacts with or a qualitative study to start this project in a packed manner starting winter break. My faculty leader and I are a great team! We communicate exceptionally well in a timely manner and we are defiantly problem-solving collectively and fully discussing ideas from both sides.

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