Blog #2 Animating Nature: The Art of the Moving Image from Conservation to Climate Change

The project Animating Nature: The Art of the Moving Image from Conservation to Climate Change has taken form quite nicely. We have developed a strong foundation for the research before diving into a more physical manifestation of our findings. Our Meta picture is the relationship between animation and realism. The big picture idea is to discover the specifically digital animations relationship to documentary, truth, authenticity, and evidence. To get even more focused, I will specifically be looking at the nature documentary and how does animation play a role in delivering the truth of our natural world by over-sensationalizing naturally occurring events. I will be doing this by looking at a specific clip taken from a BBC nature documentary that has a digitally contrived time-lapse sequence. Questions such as the artistic role of documentary filmmaking and what the influence animation has on its prevalence. Does animation, in fact, bring more focus and interest of the audience to our natural world or is it deceptive. The function of uncanniness is perhaps to capture the audience and perhaps generations, but when they come outside and realize that the dramatic outside world is not as spontaneous as they were told, what will be their reaction.

I will be meeting with creator and animator Jacob Rivkin to discuss the field of animation and for counseling on creating my own animation. Rivkin is a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and we are to meet in January. The Research we have been conducting is has expanded and we are now more focused on analyzing texts pertaining to nature documentaries. I have compiled in-depth summaries of all the texts that I have read and will be using them for my notes when producing my research paper. Professor Williamson and I have been meeting weekly to discuss our project and will be meeting over the break in January to go to Philadelphia and meet Mr. Rivkin.





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