Blog #2

Dr. Zaslow and I have been spending the past couple of months collecting and reading scholarly articles that relate to our research. We are now focused on putting together a document with all of the patterns that we have found throughout the various readings. The main purpose is to find commonalities between the texts as well as fact patterns that can be useful for the research. We also worked on a preliminary outline so we can soon start typing the first draft to

Up to this point, Dr. Zaslow and I mostly communicate through email. We do meet once in a while, but most meetings are to update each other in terms of progess as well to discuss our next steps. We do not have a set meeting day due to our very different schedules but I know that I can always count on her and that she is only one email away.

In terms of dealing with our very busy schedules, we try to always keep each other updated as well as uploading new articles into the shared google folder where we keep all of our literature reviews. Some insight on the data we have obtained so far is that women face trade-offs between competence and likability in leadership roles. For example, research suggests that visible, heroic work, more often associated with men, is recognized and rewarded whereas equally vital, behind the scenes work, more characteristics of women, tends to be overlooked. 

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