Blog 2: Continuation of Coconut and Medium Chain Triglycerides Infused with Plant Powders to Combat Bacteria

During this research I work collaboratively with my professor Dr. Rizzo for obtaining samples of surfaces and oils from shea butter, coconut oil, MCT oils, and powders. Along with the creation of the samples testing them against UV radiation is necessary in order to determine if the samples can help in the protection against harmful radiation. The results I have obtained so far are effective in my research by telling which samples are protective against radiation and also which samples fight against the three different bacteria’s being tested. There are some specific natural oils and powders when mixed in solution with coconut oil and shea butter that have had great results. However, I just received the necessary MCT oil so the results so far are based solely around the addition of coconut oil and either a powder or an oil that had constructive results from other colleague’s samples. From this point on the MCT oil will be the focus with coconut oil, powders, and other natural oils. Since the MCT oil took some time to get in I had to think of other ways to make my research successful, which is why I tested the base of shea butter and coconut oil with the different natural oils and powders as a control group to see whether or not the MCT oil will have any effect when added in. I communicated this with Dr. Rizzo and we have come up with different solutions and ways in which the research can be helpful without the MCT oil at the moment. I try to do research one to two times a week, although due to sending samples to the laboratory for testing I do have to wait a week between sending samples sometimes. Dr. Rizzo has given me great mentorship and communication throughout the process thus far, and she continues to give me great feedback and ways to improve future results for this project.

            The results concluded so far are very insightful due to seeing which oils and powders when mixed with the coconut oil and/or shea butter will have good results with the bacteria testing or UV testing. There are some natural oils that I would think would be effective against bacteria, but the results show otherwise. It is exciting to play around and try to find the perfect sample that will have the results I am looking for. From this moment on I want to see how drastically the results will change once adding the MCT oil into the samples. Along with the effects of the turmeric and maca powders with the MCT oil. Will the testing against UV radiation improve at all? Will the testing against bacteria be beneficial or no change at all? The conclusion of this research will depend solely on the MCT oil. Also, with this project I have been accepted to present at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting this spring in Orlando, Florida alongside some of my colleagues.

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