Blog Post #3: Continuing Progress

So much of this research project has been centered around specifying exactly what it is that we want our research to be about and since my last blog post I feel that we have finally realized our question.

Our research has moved into and will continue to focus on what suggestions or possible solutions are achievable for the President in regards to social media usage. So much of this research is uncharted because both social media, and an abuse of media communications by the seated president is a new territory of the law. Because of this the research has required a lot of focus and motivation in regards to sorting through existing research and using what is found to better focus the research question. Communication between Dr. Magaldi and I has been great. We have been meeting weekly to discuss research progress and I think that those meetings have kept both me and the research focused. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to explore the question of what standards needed to be changed or procedures implemented for presidential social media and Dr. Magaldi has helped me recognize the surrounding factors that need to be considered.

As expected the biggest challenge with this research is a lack of existing research to go off of. Not much work has been done to explore how presidential media protocols have changed or developed since the introduction of social media to the White House. Similarly, because there is not much research to go off of there is also the freedom to explore my own beliefs about what should be done, which is daunting because of the potential weight that these suggestions may carry. Similarly, because I do not formally know the law to the extent that professors or lawyers might, I am not familiar with what suggestions are realistic, so a lot of my research that still needs to be conducted surrounds the legal aspect of understanding potential presidential social media legislation. I have learned a lot about what President Trump’s administration is doing, or at least claiming to do, in regards to the President’s social media archival in response to the Presidential Records Act. I have also learned about standards for past presidential media usage which will be beneficial in understanding whether my suggested legislation should reflect the current President’s media usage or be more of a reflection on the media itself.

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