Blog Post #3: Progress of The Use of Lavender Aromatherapy to Reduce Test Anxiety and Improve Sleep Quality in Nursing Students

With the middle of the Spring Semester coming in full swing Dr. Greenberg and I have made a lot of progress in our research project. In my last post I discussed how we were considering incorporating Sophomore Nursing students into our study. However, when we met at the start of the Spring semester we concluded that it would be best to only focus on Freshmen nursing students as it is seen that they experience more anxiety and sleep problems. As soon as we decided on our targeted population we immediately implemented our plan of action and started with the recruiting process. This involved going to all of the Freshmen Nursing classes with my mentor, Dr Greenberg, to try and recruit as many Freshmen as possible.

The recruiting process was somewhat of a difficult task. Initially when going into these classes to talk about the project, many students raised their hands indicating that they were interested in participating. However, about only half of the students who raised their hands actually acted on participating and contacted us to fill out consent forms, scales, etc. After meeting with these students and consenting them to the study we then handed them the lavender inhalers with instructions on how to use the inhalers over the course of the next six weeks.

This week of March 11th marks the coming up of 6 weeks since the students  have gotten their inhalers to use. The plan is for me to meet with all the participants and have them fill out the scales they filled out in the beginning, again. Then following this data collection I will collaborate with Dr. Greenberg to start on the research project poster, etc.

I have learned a lot through the journey of this research project up until this point. I have learned how to properly recruit people to participate in a study and the proper steps to take in order to make the study as valid as possible. I have also learned a lot about aromatherapy and how much it is used as a tool and alternative therapy today with many different types of people in order to reduce anxiety  and improve sleep quality. I look forward to finishing up this research project with my mentor and to see what the results conclude.


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