Monitoring with Optical Spectroscopy the Interactions of Hemoglobin with Nanomaterials: Post 1

The title of my project is Monitoring with Optical Spectroscopy the Interactions of Hemoglobin with Nanomaterials. The goal of this project is to determine the interactions between hemoglobin and various nanomaterials using spectroscopy. I know from previous classes that hemoglobin has binding properties with oxygen and I expect for there to be a similar correlation with our different nanomaterials. All of the nanomaterials have oxygen in their compounds, this leads me to believe that all of them will bind to some degree and the different metals associated with each nanomaterial will show how tightly it binds.


The methods used to create this research will involve preparing hemoglobin solution to be added with increasing amount of nanomaterials. The hemoglobin will have a fixed concentration. A hemoglobin solution without the nanomaterials will be used as a point comparison with hemoglobin solutions added with nanomaterials. The nanomaterials will then be added to the hemoglobin mixture and then I will run them in the two spectrophotometry machines that we have available, UV-vis and the spectrofluorometer. The resulting graphs will show the differences and from there we can draw conclusions.

Note: This was written in October, due to the technical issues of this blog, it is being posted at a later date.

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