Blog 4: End of Year Report


Overall, conducting this research project alongside Dr. Gosnell over the last six has been an incredible experience. Like most studies, our findings have manifested to be quite different than what I had originally expected to find. Our research explored the average individuals experience with social media usage, highlighting their ability to recall support provision as well as the effects that providing support had on the provider. The most difficult part of the study for me was creating the surveys for the study, this was an unexpectedly complicated task as it can often be difficult to encompass all of the parts of the study without losing focus on the main concept. Once the survey is completed, we began to run our study. With the help of several research assistants, we were able to work one on one with over one hundred participants to further understand their experience with social media and their recollection of providing support for both negative and positive events. Once the data had been collected, it was coded and analyzed in order to decipher the results. Ultimately, the results provided correlation between higher rates of seeking support and lower rates of life satisfaction. While this information is certainly interesting and worth further exploration, it is based on an eminently limited sample size. My hope is that this may spark an initiative for further exploration in regard to self efficacy, self esteem and social media usage.

Working with Dr. Gosnell provided an incredible insight. This allowed for me to work independently and shape the study based on my area of interest while being guided and encouraged by Dr, Gosnell’s expertise on research and social psychology. Participating in research has helped me to narrow the scope my future plans and goals, and allowed me to further my education in a way that is more hands on, and proved to be incredibly rewarding.

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