Blog 1 Bio Bus Pre-Production

My project involves the filming of the research-based program, Bio Bus. Pace’s Department of Chemistry and Physical Science collaborates with Schrödinger, LLC, a computational software company, to sponsor this event. Bio Bus is a non-profit science outreach organization dedicated to expanding access to high quality science education to underserved students throughout New York City. Twelve middle school students will engage in a week of dynamic, interactive science. “The program takes place at the Pace downtown campus in New York City, and students will tour the facilities, meet current faculty and students, and perform computer simulations. The focus will be on learning about effects of dangerous micro-plastics, which have been in headlines as a result of water contamination in oceans. We will explore how micro-plastics damage the environment and living organisms at the molecular level, showing these students how deep and long lasting environmental damage can be, and how important it is to stop pollution at its source.”

My role is to prepare, plan, and implement the filming of the documentary for this event. So far I’ve meet with the event coordinator to write an outline of the script, scheduled dates for interviews, and organized all the equipment and software needed to create the short film. My next step is to meet and interview event organizers and collaborators from Pace, Bio Bus, and Schrödinger. We are currently making a schedule to film them in mid-July. All interviews highlight the purpose and importance of teaching science and research skills to young students. Then, I will begin planning stages for filming the event on the 8th and 15th of August. Following the filming, the final phase is the post-production of the film; this includes the editing, sound mix, graphics, and color correction. The goal is to have the product done by the end of August.

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