Blog 1- The Pursuit of Excellence: Evaluation of the Honors Admission Requirements at a Private University

I have been working with Dr. Shostya on a research project called The Pursuit of Excellence:  Evaluation of the Honors Admission Requirements at a Private University. The purpose of our project is to determine what factors correlate strongly with a student’s success at Pace University, which we defined as graduating with honors. The goal of this research is to utilize our findings to enhance the admissions process for the Pforzheimer Honor’s College. This research will give us insight into which part of a student’s application should be more heavily focused on when determining admission into the honors college, and will consequentially increase our retention rate and the improve the quality of the program.

The first step of our research was to ask a question: Which admission criteria determine Honors students’ success at a private university, like Pace? The second step will be to conduct a review of literature to explore what has been done on our topic thus far. Next, we will build a model based on what we found from theory and empirical studies and will collect data from our own Honors College database.

Through this experience, I intend to learn how to utilize Microsoft Excel on a more advanced level and gain exposure to Stata, a program that we will be using to analyze our data. I look forward to applying the knowledge I learned in my statistics class to the real world, and understanding the practical applications of the theories and formulas we covered in class. Additionally, I hope to benefit our university by focusing on admitting students who are statistically more likely to thrive here. This will not only improve our national rankings, but will also boost student morale around campus.



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