Blog Post 3

From the last blog in December, there has been a great amount of progress in my study with Dr. Pantic. Since then, we have started to work on our literature review. While Dr. Pantic worked on a majority of the review during winter break, I was assigned to gather information and start to write the material for the results and discussion section.

In this section, I thoroughly discuss the different business strategies the local news organizations, participating in the study, utilize to maintain vitality in the market. I write about each strategy with the help of the literature that Dr. Pantic obtained, as well as my own and the given information from the actual interviewees. However, a challenge I have experienced with this project is writers block. I feel that there are times when I am writing and referring to additional materials and I just get stuck. But the best way I have been able to overcome this challenge is to re-read the interview transcriptions and just familiarize myself with the topic, once again. Another challenge Dr. Pantic and I have both faced is time and being able to single-handedly focus on the research with classes back in session. Thankfully, we were able to get a lot completed during the break.

Besides the collected information on how news organizations aim to reach stability, I have learned that research is not easy and there will be inevitable obstacles. As long as I can get through them is what really matters. I have greatly enjoyed this collaboration with Dr. Pantic, as she is someone I truly admire and continue to learn a lot from.


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