Final Blog Post

At long last, through much determination, hard work and overcoming boundaries such as IRB pending approval and blogging malfunctions, the end of UGR is nearing. This whole experience has been an eye opening blessing that I could do some research on a topic that suits my personal interests. At the moment I am in the process of distributing surveys and inputting the data into SPSS. I am ooking to gain at least 100 – 120 subjects mainly of  I have high hopes for what my findings may be, strictly for the sake of knowledge. Thus far I have found that a child’s support system is vital to their motivation in academia, also that Alloparenting is a moderating variable between reslience and achievement of an adolescent. I am very excited for the showcase of all participants projects. I only wish we were allotted more time to research but for the sake of knowledge, information cannot stand to be omitted, whether the hypothesis is correct or not. I am greatful for the experience and wish the best for my colleagues in their future scientific endeavors.

Research Update

My research is designed around measuring the level of personal achievement in a person having been parented in a single parent household. I am making great strides of improvement in my research as well as being equally motivated and pushed by my mentor Dr. Godfrey. My research along with extensive time spent with empirical data collection from articles gathered throughout the upcoming year. I expect to learn from this project why less men are going to colleges than their female counterparts and why it is happening. I intend to survey a sample of at minimum 150 people and personally conduct short interviews with a small fraction of that sample. During the interview process I intend to voice record the interview to ensure accurate depictions of the samples experience growing up in a single parent household. At the completion of my research I hope to have a better understanding of why the men in single parent households are lacking and (as i have found in Autor & Wasserman’s article) that men are on a larger scale becoming less attractive with time because of the lack of personal acheivement or Success.